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Posted by Marilyn Ellis, CBR, CHMS, LMS, HAFA on 9/28/2017

Massachusetts is a gold mine of fun and historical things to doó and during all four seasons, from the Berkshires to the arm of Massachusetts. There are things to do for families, couples, large groups, and singles. Letís take a look at some of the best things to do in Western Massachusetts in the summer.

  1. Outdoor activities in Northern Berkshires, MA
Including whitewater rafting, zip lining, kayaking, fishing, wildlife tours, butterfly conservatory and much more. And check out the scenic railway that runs from North Adams to Adams, MA. Northern Berkshires, MA
  1. Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, MA
Hike this monumental mountain and take in views that may just take your breath away. Youíll see sights of the mountainous Berkshires and the Housatonic River Valley and make sure to explore Squaw Peak.
  1. Yankee Candle Factory in Deerfield, MA
Visit the Yankee Candle Factory and tour/shop the Bavarian village, a Christmas wonderland all year round. After you make it through the village, check out Wax Works where kids and adults can create their own candles. But most of all, take in all the scents that this flagship store has to offer. You will find seasonal scents all year round; their current scenes and you may even be in luck to find your favorite scent that is no longer sold in retail stores.
  1. Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA
The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is a great place to visit on a hot summer day and perfect for kids and adults who love the game of basketball. Tour the museum, attend an event (on select days), and host your childís birthday party or an event, and much more.
  1. Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA
Once known as Riverside, Six Flags New England is the largest theme park in New England. There are rides and activities for all ages and plenty of food options. If you are looking for a day full of family fun then this is the place to go. So what are you waiting for?

Posted by Marilyn Ellis, CBR, CHMS, LMS, HAFA on 7/20/2017

Once you have booked a trip to go away for awhile, youíre probably filled with excitement. Depending upon how long youíll be away, there are a few things that youíll want to do to get your home ready for your absence. The tips below can help you with everything from security and safety to saving some money on your utility bills.

Turn Off The Water

You donít want to risk having a leak flood your home while youíre gone away on vacation. This is especially important if youíre going to be gone longer than a week. Homeowners insurance does cover water damage that occurs due to these types of leaks, but who want to deal with that after a relaxing vacation? Take precautions ahead of time before you go. 

Stop Your Mail

The post office will hold your mail for free. Donít risk letting people know that you havenít been home for a few days by letting mail pile up in the box. Worse, if any packages come, it could be an invitation for them to get stolen. It only takes a few minutes to put the precaution of mail holding into place.  

Put Your Lights On A Timer

A dark house is an invitation for thieves to come on in. You can deter burglars by putting your lights on a timer, allowing some activity to be seen from outside the home. A timer can even be set for different times during both the day and night. 

Unplug Everything You Can

Aside from the time and a few lights, you can save on your energy bill by unplugging your electronics while your away. This includes toasters, computers, televisions, and microwaves. This is also a good safety precaution as well just in case an electrical fire were to happen while youíre gone.   

Turn Down (Or Up) The Thermostat

Depending on the time of year that you go away, youíll want to adjust your thermostats accordingly. Since no one will be in the house, thereís no need for freezing cold air conditioning or high heat. If youíre heading out on vacation in the winter, youíll want to keep the heat on at a minimum temperature to help avoid pipes freezing and undue damage to your home.

Seal Up Your Food

When you head out on vacation, you might not be too concerned about the food you already have opened in your home. Pests will love to feast on it while youíre away! Be sure that you close up any food thatís open and get rid of anything that can spoil. This means discarding old produce, throwing away opened bread and pastries that can spoil and seal up cereal and cracker boxes tightly. This will ensure that you donít have any unwanted house guests once you return home from your trip.         

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Marilyn Ellis, CBR, CHMS, LMS, HAFA